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Redesigned Private Communication

kisbleTM is the first 100% anonymous chat that redefines and simplifies communication

ClientKisbleDateDecember, 2021AuthorCopynBrandShare

Gamified Messenger App

Kisble is about redesigning communication.

The main goal of the brand strategy was to create a new story around a messenger app. Kisble is a new player in the market, and it is looking to differentiate from other well-known apps by being different from them through a process if reevaluating and analysis of messaging communication..

It has been created with the objective of being a private messenger, but it also offers new, unique features that are not available on other apps such as emergency messages and a new audio messaging tool.

The brand strategy was based on the idea that privacy is a luxury and that we must rethink communication from scratch.

The rethinking process of the Kisble messaging application story has been crucial for us. We have kept up the challenge to find a completely new strategy for the Kisble App, to make sure that we continue to develop and innovate in an increasingly competitive space.