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Don't just stick to your good plan

I will help you articulate your vision, no matter how crazy, out of touch and wacky it is.

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  • Chiselling out and polishing your diamonds Message💎
  • Translating your brand into a meaningful content strategy 🚀
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What we do

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Working Together

Meet our clients

We are proud to have contributed to these companies success stories, providing them a powerful narrative.

Who cuts the Diamonds?

Clara 🔮 🚀

When I was a child, I wanted to become a talent scout. I simply saw the qualities in each person that everyone around me seem to ignore. It was quite frustrating because no one else shared my enthusiasm! 

Later, working in the startup environment and in various tech projects, I realised that my “third eye” for potential, placement and communication made me a valuable asset in every project… and that’s where our paths cross today!

I work with entrepreneurs and projects where I see that the vision of the entrepreneur symbioses with the emotional accessibility of his customers and the market.

Everyone can answer the question why, but few can answer the question why you?

Creating brands

Position your brand as close as possible to the customer and then create a little moment of surprise

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